Happy July

Wow is it ever hot in my neck of the woods? It’s a hundred and one degrees outside today and humid. We could use some rain here in the Ozarks. I’m ready for fall, which happens to be my favorite season. I’m especially excited about this fall as I will be finishing up on the edits for my newest book. I’m happy to be working with the Pelican Book Group and their amazing staff.
What season do you like best and why? I grew up in southern California and the seasons don’t change all that much. When I went to college in Chicago I got a taste of what the four seasons mean. I fell in love with the colorful leaves in the trees and the cooler temperature.
Let me know which season you prefer. I’ll put your name into a drawing for an ebook version of Cold Creek Mountain. The winner will be announced on my birthday, August 10th

Published by Jamie Adams

A stay-at-home mom, Jamie’s the 'learning coach' for her three children enrolled in Arkansas Virtual Academy. She is also a freelance writer for an online marketing company. A member of The Writing Desk she has written dozens of stories set in the old west and is now working on a book based on historical fiction. She will be interviewing different members of the group so that you can learn more about your favorite authors.

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