Summer 2021

Summer is here with some exciting surprises. My newest book will soon begin the process of publication. I’m looking forward to all this entails. Edits, revisions, cover design and then made available for my readers. I believe this new story is one of my best. It’s a historical fiction with a romantic thread. I’ll be sharing more details as it progresses.

Now for the surprising part. I finished my first contemporary romance! As you may know up until now all my stories have been set in the old west. Who doesn’t love a good western!? I sure do, but I dipped my toes in the modern world and think this new story has some potential. Set in a small city much like the one I live in, this tale is pure romance. Finished, the story is now in the hands of my wonderful agent. I’m praying this book will also find a publishing house to call home.

Summer has just started and already I’m crazy busy writing. There’s no telling what lies ahead. Dear reader, I hope and pray your summer is filled with happiness and love. Thank you for all your support.

Published by Jamie Adams

A stay-at-home mom, Jamie’s the 'learning coach' for her three children enrolled in Arkansas Virtual Academy. She is also a freelance writer for an online marketing company. A member of The Writing Desk she has written dozens of stories set in the old west and is now working on a book based on historical fiction. She will be interviewing different members of the group so that you can learn more about your favorite authors.

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